Our team of experts use technical and strategic knowledge to bring engineering and energy consultancy experience to your construction projects.

ECC Group is a trusted leader in providing multi-disciplinary engineering and energy consultancy solutions to the construction industry. We work with large scale construction companies and construction contractors through every stage of the construction project lifecycle covering all aspects of architectural planning and design, surveying, engineering consultancy, energy management and environmental services. We know the ins and outs of this fast-paced industry and understand the unique challenges. No matter the nature or size of your construction project, our expert team of engineers and surveyors, will work with you to ensure projects are delivered efficiently according to standards with minimal risk at every stage.


Support throughout the residential development process

At ECC, we have an in-depth understanding of the residential marketplace. We work with major property developers and builders to design and build healthy, energy-efficient, sustainable residential homes that minimise construction’s environmental impact and cost. Our residential team will assist you through every step of the construction process, from initial designs to structural surveying, environmental monitoring, and regulatory requirements.


End-to-end engineering solutions for industrial projects

We understand what it takes to build complex, high-performing industrial projects where time is of the essence with no room for error. We recognise the various logistical and operational challenges posed by large-scale industrial facilities. Our highly trained teams have extensive experience in delivering complex and challenging industrial projects of the highest standards, using state-of-the-art technology to ensure optimal operational efficiency and safety across all areas.

Commercial & Mixed Use

Creating a better working environment for commercial buildings

ECC Group works with leading property developers, contractors, architects and investors around the globe to design and build successful commercial and mixed-use developments that are a driving force for urban regeneration. Our local and global expertise helps us offer a multi-disciplinary approach to creating sustainable development sites that meet the needs of all parties involved with health & safety, a top priority.


Sustainable, future-proof solutions for educational establishments

Today’s educational institutions have to adapt to sustainable, agile ways of structural improvements to remain competitive and ensure optimal learning experience. ECC group are experts in designing low-carbon, cost-effective and sustainable educational establishments such from schools and colleges to third-level institutions. We will work with you through every step of the design and development process to ensure you provide the perfect on-campus experiences to students, staff and stakeholders involved.


Effective, innovative solutions for a fast evolving industry

ECC Group is experienced in working with leading public and private sector healthcare organisations to design and develop healthcare, research and clinical facilities that meet the needs of patients, staff and visitors. As a trusted engineering partner for clients in this industry, we understand the wider requirements involved beyond building design. Our team recognise the importance of flexibility, adaptability and quality, which are critical elements to the success of these projects.

Public Sector

Translating public service needs into solutions

ECC Group works with a wide range of public sector clients on large scale public service projects spanning local authorities, schools, government administration buildings, hospitals. Our multi-disciplinary expertise in this sector enables us to deliver our trusted services that are future-proofed to provide the best value for money while maintaining quality, operational efficiencies and regulatory requirements at all levels.

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