Data Centres, Pharma & Life Sciences

We bring world-class engineering expertise and technology to deliver high-performing industrial facilities of the future.

ECC Group’s multi-disciplinary team has an unprecedented track record of delivering high-quality, large-scale industrial and manufacturing projects that are strategically designed to enhance operational efficiency across your facilities. We have the world-class experience and expertise necessary to support projects no matter the size and no matter how complex or challenging the environment. We recognise the vital logistical challenges posed by this sector, such as complex machinery, stringent control measures, regulatory compliance and health & safety risks. We follow a transparent and innovative approach to work together with our clients through every stage of the project and help you design high-performing industrial facilities built to meet your specific requirements.

Mission Critical Facilities

Sustainable, multi-disciplinary approach to building mission-critical systems

ECC Group has a dedicated team of engineers and experts trained in sustainable mission-critical designs. Our team takes a proactive and holistic approach to deliver industry-leading mission-critical facilities by offering a fully comprehensive consulting service covering aspects of architectural planning and design, technical due diligence, site surveying, inspections and sustainable energy management. We have successfully delivered mission-critical projects in various sectors, including financial facilities, hospital complexes, critical government infrastructure, and data centres, all while ensuring uninterrupted flow of critically essential services and increased energy efficiencies.

Data Centres

Engineering resilient, secure, energy efficient data centre establishments

The rise of remote working has increased the demand for data centres that guarantee reliability and resilience, meet strict security, energy efficiency, optimal productivity and long-term sustainability needs. At ECC group, we have unparalleled experience in designing highly resilient, responsible and robust data centres of the future that satisfy our client’s operational and environmental requirements. We collaborate closely with our clients on every project to deliver the best possible solution that results in substantial savings in cost and energy while eliminating the risk of disruption and downtimes.

Pharma & Life Sciences

Innovative engineering solutions for state-of-the-art scientific facilities

ECC Group is proud to work with many multinational pharmaceutical and renowned life science companies to deliver cutting-edge scientific facilities designed to upscale production and amplify research & development. Our team has first-hand knowledge of the complexities and challenges facing this sector and understands the need to comply with stringent regulatory, quality and safety standards. We provide a complete range of multi-disciplinary services to pharma & life science clients that encompass engineering consultancy, laboratory planning & design, project and construction management, energy management, and environmental impact assessment that ensures sustainability and savings far into the future.


Effective, innovative engineering solutions for a fast evolving industry

ECC Groups’ highly experienced team of engineers and surveyors understand the fast-paced requirements of today’s complex manufacturing facilities where specific processes are involved. Whether you are a small-scale manufacturing facility or a large-scale global plant, we apply innovative processes and state of the art digital construction technologies to design high performing, advanced manufacturing facilities that reduce energy consumption, increase energy savings and contribute to enhanced sustainability while keeping production costs at bay.

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