We bring a multi-disciplinary approach and work with multiple stakeholders to design and deliver efficient, cost-effective and successful infrastructure systems of the future.

ECC Group has a thorough understanding of the various challenges involved in large scale infrastructure projects. Numerous factors, such as coordinating with multiple stakeholders, teams and construction sites, effective communication and alignment of workflows across different project stages, and real-time governance and data monitoring, need to work hand-in-hand to make an infrastructure project successful. Our expert team regularly work with large scale construction companies and contractors on crucial infrastructure projects such as Roads, Railways, Civil Engineering and Utilities that support urban growth and enable cities and societies to function effectively.

Civil Engineering

Sustainable, future-proof solutions for civil engineering projects

We understand the ins and outs of the built environment and know what it takes to deliver complex, large scale civil engineering and infrastructure projects where time and quality are of the essence. We are aware of the various logistical and operational challenges facing large-scale structural engineering projects. Our highly trained teams have extensive experience in working closely with local authorities, government departments, state agencies, public and private contractors to design buildings and structures that are purposeful, sustainable, efficient and compliant with industry safety and environmental standards.


Comprehensive engineering services for road design & construction

ECC Group has years of experience working closely with city councils, government departments, transport authorities, road operators, and contractors to deliver a range of comprehensive engineering, surveying, and energy management solutions to support the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of interconnected road networks. ECC Group’s team of engineering experts bring engineering and energy consultancy experience with industry knowledge and state-of-the-art smart technologies to design roadways and bridges that are sustainable and resilient and meet the environmental, social and economic needs of our clients and commuters.


Sustainable engineering solutions for high-speed rail network projects

ECC Group has substantial experience and knowledge of the rail sector. We have worked on some of the largest high-speed rail, sub-urban and freight rail projects that link cities and communities together. Our local and global expertise helps us offer a complete range of multi-disciplinary services from planning and design to engineering, environmental review, surveying and feasibility assessments, and end-to-end construction management. Our team works closely with planners, rail engineers, contractors, architects, and stakeholders, to deliver well-integrated sustainable railway systems that address commuters’ needs and promote economic development.

Dams and Bridges

Integrated engineering services built on experience for dams and bridge projects

At ECC Group we provide engineering, energy management, surveying, construction engineering and project management support to design, build and maintain thousands of dams, bridges and water resource projects. Our core team specialises in structural, civil, geotechnical and hydropower engineering which enables us to deliver strong, economically efficient engineering solutions for bridges, dam construction, dam maintenance and safety projects that are resilient and sustainable. We work with the latest design tools and technologies, including BIM, 3D analysis, drone surveying techniques, and modeling systems to create great structures that are safe and minimise environmental impact.

Water Treatment Plant

Sustainable & advanced engineering solutions for water treatment plants

As the demand for safe water increases, water and wastewater treatment infrastructure have become essential to produce and maintain safe, clean water for human consumption, agricultural and industrial use. ECC Group are leaders in providing multi-disciplinary water and wastewater engineering solutions for water treatment plants and infrastructure. Our global team of engineering experts have years of experience in the planning, design, project management of desalination and water treatment/conservation plants. We use real-time data and state-of-the-art technology and processes to deliver optimal infrastructure solutions that cover all aspects of engineering to provide clean, safe water for everyone.

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