Natural Environment

Our multi-disciplinary engineering approach enables us to deliver sustainable solutions for environmental projects.

ECC Group is at the forefront of energy conservation. As a leading engineering consultancy specialising in natural infrastructure, our clients trust us to deliver the most practical and future-ready engineering and energy management solutions that protect the natural environment around us. Our team of environmental experts, engineers and surveyors are proficient in using the most state-of-the-art technology to ensure efficiencies throughout the project’s life cycle, from initial environmental impact assessment and surveying through feasibility, construction, operation, and project management. Our reputation is built on helping clients mitigate risk, minimise impact to meet environmental rules and regulations and improve communities and landscapes around us.

Rivers and Lakes

Economic & energy-efficient solutions for rivers, lakes and freshwater management

Our world’s freshwater resources are slowly depleting and adapting now more than ever due to climate change, rising water consumption and ageing infrastructure, which inevitably affect water availability and quality. ECC Group works closely with local government authorities, environmental agencies and contractors to develop economically efficient engineering solutions for water management, water conservation and distribution for lakes, rivers and reservoirs. We provide real-time data and practical solutions, including structural engineering, to mitigate seasonal changes, flooding, and erosion by leveraging cutting-edge technology.

Forestry Land

At ECC Group, we understand the need to conserve and protect our forests and their surrounding lands to help us live more sustainably in the future. We work closely with local forest and agriculture agencies and provide our integrated range of multi-disciplinary services to understand the land around us. Our expert teams will leverage the power of data and surveying technologies to determine the land’s topography to plan effective forest plantations and structures to conserve lands around us for the broader benefit of society.

Flood Planes

ECC Group’s in-depth understanding of retaining water structures and knowledge of industry standards enables our team to deliver on unique client needs through our integrated suite of multi-disciplinary engineering and environmental services. We combine this with years of expertise to produce intricate structural barriers around water bodies, analyse and plan defence measures to prevent and regulate flooding.

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