Public Sector

Our team of experts bring world-class knowledge & engineering excellence to your public sector projects.

The team at ECC group understands the many challenges involved in public sector infrastructure & development projects. We work with a wide range of public sector clients at all levels and use our in-depth knowledge of local social, political and economic conditions to deliver efficient, cost-effective engineering solutions that provide tangible results and meet the needs of all stakeholders. Our multi-disciplinary expertise in this sector enables us to offer our trusted future-proofed services to provide the best value for money while maintaining quality, operational efficiencies and regulatory requirements.

Government Buildings

End-to-end engineering solutions for Government Buildings

At ECC Group, we understand the complex requirements of government agencies and institutions, so we work closely with you to deliver efficient, high-profile buildings. Our portfolio includes new buildings and upgrades for embassies, government offices, courthouses, and infrastructure projects. Our expert team of engineers and surveyors bring a multi-disciplinary approach to Government Building projects. We work with all stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle to ensure that projects are delivered efficiently at scale according to standards with minimal risk at every stage.

Hospitals / Emergency Services

Sustainable, patient friendly engineering services for government healthcare establishments and hospitals

At ECC Group, we have an excellent track record for creating sustainable healthcare establishments, including major public hospitals, children’s hospitals, public research facilities, mental health units, and emergency care units. Our engineering experts understand the needs and challenges facing healthcare providers from their premises. Our aim as a specialist engineering consultancy is to add value across the healthcare establishment boards by delivering high-performing hospitals and facilities from concept to conception that meet healthcare regulatory requirements and enhance patient and staff well being.


Sustainable, future-proof solutions for educational establishments

ECC group are experts in designing low-carbon, cost-effective and sustainable educational establishments. Our projects span the entire education sector, from nurseries, primary and secondary schools to colleges. Today’s educational institutions must recognise the need for sustainable, agile structural improvements to remain competitive and ensure an optimal academic learning experience for students. Whether you are looking to develop a new building or modernise existing school facilities, we can help. Our team will work closely with local authorities and the school boards to deliver high-performing, adaptable classrooms, school administration offices, labs, and library facilities encompassing all aspects of school life. Our goal is to provide sustainable solutions and create welcoming spaces that support the academic aspirations of students and the well-being of students, staff and mentors.

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