Smart Cities

We work closely with city councils, local authorities and governments worldwide to design sustainable, resilient communities and cities of the future.

Smart cities are a catalyst for urban regeneration. Municipalities and city councils worldwide constantly have to navigate complexities such as ageing infrastructure and better use of resources to tackle a growing population coupled with increased effects of climate change.

A smart city goes beyond the use of digital & IoT technologies to collect and store data, ensure better use of resources and reduce carbon emissions. It means finding efficient ways to improve urban infrastructure, transport networks, waste disposal and introducing sustainable methods to heating and lighting while improving security and quality of life for its citizens.

Improving quality of life with technology & innovation

At ECC Group, your city is our home too. We have years of experience working with government administrations, municipalities, contractors and developers to make resilient, innovative, sustainable urban improvements that place people at the heart of its development.

For every project, we bring together a team of world-class experts in engineering, digital transformation, data, IoT & ICT development, energy management, and structural surveying experts to turn visions into reality. Our network of technology partners and vast experience building sustainable neighbourhoods gives us a unique advantage as we understand how digital fits into the built environment better than most.

From high-level design and planning to IoT specifications, sustainable urban mobility and data monitoring, our multi-disciplinary team will work with you every step of the way on all phases of a project.

We create a 3-Dimensional digital world through real-time data capture and BIM modelling, upon which data and information is systematically layered. We carry out extensive real-time testing and active monitoring to ensure that construction does not impact neighbouring residents’ livelihood and quality of life. Our team of surveyors and engineers use real-time geospatial data to optimise building performance at all levels.

We live and work in our communities, thanks to our local presence in Ireland, UK, and Europe. Our global footprint enables us to design flexible, innovative, and cost-effective solutions that make those cities more liveable and, at the same time, exceeds the expectations of each client.

We are committed to your project’s success

Our journey starts with a simple consultation. Arrange a meeting with our team to discuss your project.

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