Architectural Design Services

Ambitious and Innovative Architectural Design

At ECC, our experienced design teams have a proven track record in residential and commercial design projects of all sizes and scales. For both public and private sectors, we focus on delivering premium architectural design solutions thanks to our global network of engineering and design specialists. By deploying proven methodologies alongside award-winning innovation, we deliver design projects to the highest level possible.

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An Extensive Range of Architectural Design Services

Building Certificates (BCMS)

We can make sure your construction project is designed and built in line with all relevant Building Regulations. As your certifier, we can manage all documentation and detail for you that is required for the Building Control Management System (BCMS). Both on-site and off, we can manage this demanding process on your behalf, ensuring your projects successfully meet all compliance goals.

Ensuring you achieve certification and stay compliant


Conceptual Designs

From the outset of your project, we’ll work closely with you and can successfully deliver a full suite of design services across a wide variety of projects. From single homes to large commercial properties, we’ll take your project from inception right through to completion with professionalism and conviction.

Early design work can identify true potential

Conceptual sketches are still an integral part of architecture even in an era of new technologies and the enhanced role of CAD. Using a simple pencil and paper, we can help you visualize your project at an early stage. This quick and efficient starting point is something we can work on with you in order to envision the true potential of your new development.

Professional sketch drawing to bring your project to life

On your behalf, we can prepare professional sketch drawing for presentation to investors, board of directors or other investment stakeholders. Our architects can work closely with you at every state of the conceptual sketch process to ensure you can present your vision with clarity and context.

DAC (Disability Access Certificate)

In construction today, gaining a Disability Access Certificate for your project is a legal requirement. From liaising with authorities and regulatory agencies on your behalf to offering onsite support and expertise, we can provide a complete understanding of the legislation involved to help ensure a successful outcome.

End-to-end disability access expertise for major construction projects


Digital Construction and BIM

We understand that BIM is an essential part of modern project design. Intelligent use of this technology ensures developments are designed with efficiency and purpose. Our skills with BIM will also optimise overall project management, helping you manage costs and reduce environmental impact. Our in-house digital modelling capability means we can work closely with you and your stakeholders, enhancing collaboration and project efficiency.

Deploying best-in-class technology to design exceptional projects


Fire Engineering Design

Compliance and regulatory standards have never been higher in the construction sector. Fire engineering design is now seen as a crucial investment in any building’s sustainability. And we have the experienced professionals in fire safety design to ensure your project meets all the standards as required.

Sustainable fire design guaranteed to meet stringent regulatory standards


Party Wall Advice

If you need to navigate this complex part of the construction process, we can work through the process with you from the start. In urban areas, the Party Wall Act 1996 was introduced to help developers and stakeholders to build within the law and protect the interests of neighbours. For your project, we can offer you a fully integrated service that will help you identify any potential pitfalls and plan for them in advance.

Professional party-wall advice to optimise planning


Urban Planning and Master Planning

As urban populations grow and cities and towns develop at a greater pace, urban planning has taken on a greater significance than ever before. At ECC, we believe passionately in the power of design to improve everyday lives and society. We can work with you and your team to positively impact cities and communities by merging landscape architecture, urban design, planning, infrastructure, resiliency, sustainable development.

Creating and designing urban infrastructure

In order to deliver successful developments on this scale, you need an experienced team of proven architects who can take your overall vision and convert it into reality. With ECC, we retain some of the industry’s leading experts in urban planning, master planning, and landscape architecture. While we also retain many seasoned professionals in our network in key disciplines like economics, urban analytics, sustainability, parks, and community planning.

Waste Permit Applications

If you plan on building a facility that accepts and processes waste, you will need to hold a waste facility permit or Certificate of Registration (COR) under the Waste Management (Facility Permit and Registration) Regulations2007. In order to help ensure you secure these permits, we can work with you through the entire process, handing all applications and documentation on your behalf.

Successfully navigating the waste permit process with knowledge and expertise