Architectural Planning and Consultancy

Planning Solutions Designed to Deliver

At ECC, we combine a complete understanding of all planning laws and regulations with a full range of architectural consultancy services. Residential and commercial projects require different skill sets and you need a flexible architectural partner who can respond to issues as they arise and anticipate challenges in advance.

From due diligence to project monitoring and so much more, we deliver highly-tailored consultancy solutions designed to ensure your project is professionally planned, enabling its delivery on-time and on-budget.

Does Architectural Planning and Consultancy fall into your project needs?

Our journey starts with a simple consultation. Arrange a meeting with our team to discuss your project needs.

Planning and Consultancy for Homes and Businesses Developments

Planning Applications – Commercial

Commercial development planning can be a very challenging process in an era of stringent regulations and land shortage. And you need an experienced architectural planning consultant in your corner who understands the pitfalls and can anticipate the challenges. For projects that will require significant investment and resources, you can depend on our team of architectural planners to provide you with the solution you need.

Commercial planning insight guaranteed

We take the time to fully understand the commercial potential of any project in order to deliver the planning expertise you need. From local council development plans to national legislation, we have a comprehensive understanding of all planning laws and regulations and will ensure your application is fully compliant as required.

Planning Applications – Residential

Residential planning is a highly-specialist discipline with major environmental considerations to take into account. Against the backdrop of a global housing shortage, increasing population and other economic factors, residential planning is a complex, multifaceted practice.

At ECC, we take you through the entire process, including national and local planning laws. We understand the risk associated with residential developments and will work closely with you to help achieve your housing aims and strategic objectives.

Extensive knowledge of residential planning

Our team will be with you from the start where we can help you source land, fully assess its potential, and report on our findings. This will help you analyse the level of risk attached to your project. And from affordable housing right through to high-level luxury, we have the knowledge and planning expertise to help you deliver an exceptional project.