Building Regulations & Compliance Reports (Part L)

Ensuring Compliance While Optimising Energy Usage with Part L

A key aspect of the Irish building regulations that relates to energy performance is known as Part L. It concerns the new requirement that a certain proportion of energy consumption for newly-built houses is powered by renewable sources. From heat pumps and solar panels to wood burning stoves, many sources are renewable-based and ensure successful compliance.

With you every step of the compliance process

At ECC, we can provide the expertise you need when it comes to Part L compliance. Right from the initial planning and design meetings through to sign-offs and inspections, we will be with you at every step of the compliance process. Documentation and reporting will play a key role and as required, we can provide you with a provisional BER cert as well as Part L Specification report, to prove compliance with the building regulations.

Proven insight and understanding of the Part L framework

Our team has many years experience in delivering insight and advice on all aspects of energy efficiency and will work with the Part L framework to ensure your home is powered by the most energy-efficient and cost effective sources possible. From first-round drawings to on-site inspections, compliance to all regulations including Building, Health & Safety, and Planning is our number one goal.

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