Civil Engineering Design

Delivering Expert Civil Engineering Design Services

For every aspect of civil engineering, from site development through to completion we have the skill sets, experience and equipment to ensure your project is completed on-time and on-budget.

Solid experience in delivering key infrastructure projects

Civil engineering is a wide-ranging discipline and we have built up a solid portfolio of work in designing, constructing, maintaining and improving the physical environment. From bridges, tunnels, roads, and railways, to canals, dams, buildings, flood and coastal defences, airports and other large structures, we have years of experience in delivering key infrastructure projects.

High quality strategic and operational management

By deploying high quality architectural and building civil engineering technology like CAD in tandem with quality strategic and operational management, we focus on delivering solutions with a clear eye on sustainability in the built environment.

The most successful civil engineering projects demand attention-to-detail and our teams at ECC combine best practices in a range of fields including health and safety, hydraulics management, and more.

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