Design and Consultancy

Structural design delivered to the highest standards

At ECC, we understand that the floor is an integral part of any building or facility, acting as a platform to support production, transportation of goods and facilitate storage. We believe that a well-designed floor that is durable and tested will improve the long-term efficiency of your premises.

Does Floor Flatness Design and Consulting fall into your project needs?

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A Complete Range of Design and Consultancy Skill-sets

Consultancy Services

ECC’s consultancy services are commissioned by various stakeholders throughout the life cycle of flooring projects. Whether it be help writing a specification prior to construction, problem diagnosis during operation or dilapidation surveys and expert witness services, ECC Group have the in-depth knowledge and expertise to guide you through the process.

Proven floor flatness consultancy services to drive your project forward

Design and Detailing

ECC Group provide structural designs in full guidance with T34 (The concrete society’s technical report) which is compliant with Eurocode 2.  Where the slab loading or support is more complex/non-standard we also have the facilities and expertise to design slabs using Finite Element Analysis software.

At ECC group, our in-depth knowledge of structures and construction allows us to fully evaluate how the floor ‘fits’ within the building, enabling us to design the slab with consideration to all interfaces and allowing us to highlight early any potential issues with other designed elements reducing the risk of delays on site. We have experience designing a range of slabs including ground supported slabs, pile supported slabs and chiller/freezer slabs.

Effective, cost-efficient, and trusted concrete slab design

Design Review

ECC Group can supply consultation and critical review of the engineers’ flooring proposals, evaluating:

  • Joint layout/ Construction.
  • Construction detail: Interface between the floor slab and other construction/ structural elements.
  • Full structural analysis of slab thickness and reinforcement.
  • Review recommendations/ finding the geotechnical engineer.

Onsite Supervision

Many of our clients find value in combining the Design Review with our pre-construction and QA / Onsite Supervision Services. This holistic approach offers all stakeholders the reassurance that the slab is designed in full compliance with the Base Specification and, in turn, constructed in full accordance with the design, leaving the end user with a floor built to the highest standard and fit for intended operations.

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