BIM & Digital Construction

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ECC utilise the latest BIM (Building Information Modelling) and Digital Construction tools and technologies on a number of construction projects across Ireland and Europe. BIM enables the team at ECC to create and manage information across a projects lifecycle resulting in more efficient and accurate schedules.

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A Complete Range of Digital Construction and Building Information Modelling Services

3D Laser scanning

Our in-house 3D Laser Scanning department works with our BIM management team to supply as built surveys to allow for clash detection and updates to building models. We then deliver this information to the relevant stakeholders across multiple teams, at the right time and in the appropriate format to facilitate off-site checking and sign-off.

Converting a real-world environments into 3D virtual visions


BIM Building Information Modelling

ECC is one of Europe’s largest and most competitive providers of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and BIM outsourcing services. ECC’s portfolio of BIM projects spans across a variety of industries including data centres, commercial, residential, healthcare and others. We provide first-hand, practical construction industry experience to all of our projects.

In-house BIM capabilities bringing engineering excellence to every project


Drone Surveying

Getting accurate geospatial data is key to the successful implementation of the BIM process. ECC leverage the benefits of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or Drones to capture high-resolution imagery and survey-grade data to identify potential risks, and manage project progress.

Maximising the benefits of Drone technology for clients


Revit Modelling

ECC’s in-house BIM department leverages tools in Revit to support the BIM Process, creating structured, intelligent models for clients. ECC have extensive experience in leveraging Revit Software remotely and on behalf of subcontractors to accelerate timelines and efficiencies for client projects.

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