Energy Audits

Delivering a new level of energy insight and usage

Understanding how to get the most from your energy usage is a key element of energy efficiency. At ECC, we have many years expertise in auditing both commercial and domestic properties. By delivering auditing services in the three key areas including Building fabric, HVAC systems and Lighting design, we can offer your organisation or project significant advantages.

Helping you truly understand energy efficiency

Our auditing service will help you understand energy use, ensuring you learn where you use energy, where you waste energy, and what you can do to be more efficient. Auditing can also help you save money by identifying the changes you can make to achieve immediate savings. You can also reduce risk by lowering your exposure to energy price and carbon tax increases.

Meeting energy potential

By focussing on three key pillars of Building fabric, HVAC systems and Lighting design, we can deliver a comprehensive energy audit that can enable your property to meet its energy potential. ‘Building fabric’ includes structural materials, like roofing, wall, cladding, insulation, and all materials that separate the outside from the interior. By auditing your HVAC systems, we can ensure your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is operating to their most energy-efficient capacity. Lighting is also a key energy indicator and we’ll conduct a rigorous audit to deliver a comprehensive audit.

Do you require Energy Audit services?

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