Engineering Design

Delivering Excellence in Engineering Design

Every stage of your project requires proven levels of engineering design expertise. From site assessments and design through to construction and commissioning, we will work closely with your teams to deliver work of premium quality.

With a complete focus on your project from the start, you can trust us to understand and resolve engineering problems of all sizes and scales.

Does Engineering Design fall into your project needs?

Our journey starts with a simple consultation. Arrange a meeting with our team to discuss your project needs. 

A Complete Range of Engineering Design Skill-sets

Civil Engineering Design

We plan, design, and engineer upgrades and additions to the physical environment including, roads, railways, and drainage networks design to Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), buildings, flood and coastal defences, data centres and other large structures. Through a combination of in-depth knowledge and understanding across a range of civil engineering disciplines, we can meet your civil engineering needs with distinction.

Developing world-class infrastructure through industry-leading expertise


DAC (Disability Access Certificate)

In construction today, gaining a Disability Access Certificate for your project is a legal requirement. From liaising with authorities and regulatory agencies on your behalf to offering onsite support and expertise, we can provide a complete understanding of the legislation involved to help ensure a successful outcome.

End-to-end disability access expertise for major construction projects


Fire Engineering Design

Compliance and regulatory standards have never been higher in the construction sector. Fire engineering design is now seen as a crucial investment in any building’s sustainability. And we have the experienced professionals in fire safety design to ensure your project meets all the standards as required.

Sustainable fire design guaranteed to meet stringent regulatory standards


Structural Engineering

With a focus on innovation and sustainability, our teams of experienced structural engineers design stable, durable, elegant and economic buildings. We will work closely with you and your sub-contractor to supervise all technical aspects of your project, delivering only the highest standards of structural engineering expertise.

Innovative Structural Engineering bringing projects to the next level