Engineering Legal Services and Reporting

Comprehensive legal services and reporting guaranteed

In an era of high regulatory standards and stringent legislation, your projects demand only the highest standards in legal services and reporting. Our experienced team of surveyors, engineers, and industry specialists have a complete understanding of new and emerging legislation.

We work closely with all the key stakeholders on the most complex and demanding infrastructure projects. From client and subcontractors to architects and engineers, we can supervise all technical aspects of your project and deliver status reports as required.

Does engineering legal services and reporting fall into your project needs?

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Specialist services across legal and reporting

Building Certificates (BCMS)

We can make sure your construction project is designed and built in line with all relevant Building Regulations. As your certifier, we can manage all documentation and detail for you that is required for the Building Control Management System (BCMS). Both on-site and off, we can manage this demanding process on your behalf, ensuring your projects successfully meet all compliance goals.

Ensuring you achieve certification and stay compliant



For properties of all sizes and in all conditions, we can offer you comprehensive advice on every aspect of the dilapidations process. For both landlords and tenants,we can work closely with you, ensuring you know your rights and legal obligations at all stages.

Dedicated Dilapidations Expertise

On your behalf, we can follow the claim through to a conclusion to make sure all legal aspects are looked after. This can be a complex process and we take the headache away with a straightforward, professional service.

Due Diligence

Investing in property or new commercial ventures will always carry some degree of risk. By putting in place a comprehensive due diligence programme, you are protecting yourself as much as possible.Our due diligence process delivers ongoing value after the closing phase.Over time, our due diligence reports provide a starting point from which you can manage your facility’scapital needs.

Robust due diligence empowers commercial decision-making

For your business, we can support you when it comes to identifying and managing Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS), energy, social and sustainability issues that can have major impacts. From significantly affecting CAPEX and operational costs,to creating reputational risks, diverting management resources and reducing asset values, robust due diligence plays a key role in large-scale commercial decisions.

Party Wall Advice

If you need to navigate this complex part of the construction process, we can work through the process with you from the start. In urban areas,the Party Wall Act 1996 was introduced to help developers and stakeholders to build within the law and protect the interests of neighbours.For your project, we can offer you a fully integrated service that will help you identify any potential pit falls and plan for the min advance.

Professional party-wall advice to optimise planning


Planned and Preventative Maintenance

People will always be your greatest asset and creating a working environment in which they can thrive has never been more important. If you run a business that is departmentalised and relies on a large team of staff, you need to do all you can to ensure they can do their jobs as effectively as possible.

PPM Schedules designed to optimise your workforce

We have built up many years experience in property maintenance over the years and can offer you a highly tailored solution. From the deployment of PPMs chedules to detailed inspection, cost advice, and more, we can provide you with the ultimate PPM solution.

Property Condition Assessment

From commercial and residential to retail facilities and data centres, our team at ECC can provide detailed evaluations, due diligence reports, and capital plans. This ensures you have access to independent, insightful information to help you make better investment decisions.

Providing expert financing and budgeting insight on property condition

Our specialist property-condition-assessment-reporting guarantees technical accuracy, while also offering reliable recommendations and detailed budgeting forecasts. For building owners looking to refinance or for property vendors and buyers, we can write full pre-purchase and re-finance reports. And for capital renewal projects that may be required for maintenance, our capital planning reporting delivers accurate forecasting for asset managers and owners.

Structural Surveying

Before making a property investment, we can provide a highly-experienced structural surveying service. By giving you specialist advice on key issues like water penetration, structural defects, condition of roof structure,both dry and wet rot, and timber investigation,you can be assured of the structural integrity before making apurchase.

In-depth surveying will help pin point property-value with precision

With a service designed for both residential and commercial buildings, our service combines an extensive on-site visit with a detailed report that clearly illustrates our findings and assessment of the property. This will equip you with the knowledge you need to assess whether a property is a worth while investment or not.