Environmental Reporting

A comprehensive range of environmental reporting expertise

ECC delivers tailored and comprehensive environmental reporting and management consulting services to clients across a diverse range of industries. From corporate-level environmental policy development to EHS reporting and assessments, our team provides our clients with information to reduce environmental risks and proactively establish programs to manage their EHS responsibilities in a cost-effective manner.

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Environmental Reporting Services

From environmental social impact assessment (ESIA) to site suitability testing, we deliver highly-tailored environmental reporting services designed to deliver sustainable development solutions. ECC take a holistic approach to solve our clients’ challenges. We help ascertain whether their obligations are being met, develop and audit Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management systems and address all other issues. Our Environmental Reporting services spans: Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance, Environmental + Social Impact Assessment Planning, Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental & Social Impact Assessment Planning

When it comes to protecting our environment, we understand that you want to make the best decisions possible, leading to successful outcomes overall. Our team of advisors have many years’ experience in environmental consultancy and can deliver sustainable solutions designed to address real issues.

Reduce risks and cost too

For organisations committed to sustainable development, we can help you reduce any impact by identifying potentially adverse effects at an early stage and coming up with tailored solutions to resolve or minimise that impact where possible.

With a focus on getting solid actionable results, we work hard to navigate this complex area on your behalf, ultimately helping you reduce risk, costs, and negative environmental impacts.

Environmental Due Diligence

We understand the need to plan comprehensively when it comes to making decisions on all kinds of environmental issues as well as making sure your organisation is future ready. For many years, environmental due diligence has been associated with contaminated land, asbestos and similar long-standing concerns.

Wide range of services

But at ECC, we offer a full range of due diligence services that helps companies to identify and manage key issues across many areas including EHS, energy, social, and sustainability that can significantly impact their business. Our team of seasoned environmental professionals have the expertise to investigate, examine, and report back in straightforward, action-oriented terms. On your behalf, we can devise custom-built action plans and implement them accordingly.

With expert teams working right across the world, our service is international and agile, offering a wide breadth of expertise across all key environmental disciplines.

Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance

Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance

In today’s business environment, organisations have never been more under pressure to ensure their Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) policies and processes are working to the highest efficiency levels. At ECC, our team of EHS specialists helps companies of all sizes and sectors to identify, manage, and handle any potential risk in this area.

Helping you meet strategic goals

While we realise the initial target is EHS compliance, we work with business units right across the organisation to understand your strategic goals and operational targets. By doing this, we can develop specific solutions tailor-made for your company, and give you the results you need. Working with many blue-chip brands across the world, we have helped them reduce EHS risk and optimise compliance too.

Compliance operates on both a national and global level and our team retains up-to-the-minute insights on all aspects of EHS regulatory standards across all territories and regions. You can depend on ECC to provide EHS compliance support and consultancy to the highest standards.

Site Suitability Testing (EPA2021)

Prior to the commencement of any construction project a thorough assessment of the site is essential. ECC’s Engineers provide a wide range of site assessment services including topographical surveys, trial pits, percolation tests, flora and fauna surveys, and soil classification tests. Our team also has the expertise and qualifications to carry out EPA Site Assessment tests for on-site effluent treatment.

Proven track record in site suitability testing


Waste Management and Landfill

At ECC, we understand the issues clients face with respect to waste management activities. Organisations from all industry sectors come to us seeking strategic advice and solutions to manage their waste more effectively and to integrate sustainable practices in the work environment.

ECC takes a holistic approach across the waste management and landfill hierarchy