Fire Engineering Design

Fire Safety Compliance you can count on

For your construction project, we can deliver comprehensive fire protection consultancy, delivered to the highest standards. We understand that fire protection is now seen as a crucial investment on buildings and developments of all sizes. Compliance levels have never been higher. And with ECC, we have the expertise, insight and understanding of all fire legislation to ensure we can provide you with the most complete fire safety solution.

Fire safety solutions engineered to meet strict compliance standards

In order to comply with Part B of the Second Schedule to the Building Regulations 1997, your building will require a fire safety certificate. Issued by the Building Control Authority, this ensures all work is professionally completed in accordance with all plans and specifications submitted.

A tailored approach for optimal results

By combining a comprehensive knowledge of fire safety legislation with our determination to solve your construction problems, we’ll work with you to deliver a fully-tailored, compliant fire safety solution.

Do you require Fire Engineering Design services?

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