Floor Flatness Surveying and Testing

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ECC are leading experts in the design, surveying, testing and construction of commercial and industrial concrete floor slabs. ECC Group offers floor surveys for both Defined Movement and Free Movement.

We use the latest technology equipment to ensure all flatness requirements and specifications are met. Ensuring your flooring meets the free movement standards will result in more efficient operation.

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A Complete Range of Floor Flatness Surveying and Testing Services

Defined Movement

Floors that have very narrow aisles (VNA) racking installations are serviced by specialised materials handling equipment that run in a defined fixed path within the aisles. Defined Movement Surveys are conducted in warehouses where high-bay, high racking installations are present. The floors are measured with Face Profileographs of various configurations.

The Face Profileograph floor profiler lies at the heart of modern Superflat floor technology. Using the Profileograph, we can measure continuous profiles of the forklift truck’s defined wheel paths and highlight any areas that do not comply with the flatness specification. Corrective grinding can then be supervised to ensure the smooth operation of the forklift truck.

Flatness Specifications

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Free Movement

At ECC Group we use the latest technology equipment to ensure all flatness requirements are met. Ensuring your flooring meets the free movement standards will result in more efficient operation.

Free movement refers to areas where materials handling equipment operates in random, non-defined directions and has an infinite number of travel paths. Our equipment measures the elevation difference of the front to rear axle of the forklift truck and sees the floor profile as the truck feels it.

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Other Testing

Accelerated Abrasion Resistance Testing

Abrasion resistance is an important performance requirement in warehouse and industrial floors. Floors can be exposed to quite aggressive actions from trucks and other equipment.

Tests are carried out using our purpose designed and built equipment which conforms to the requirements the BCA abrasion testing machine, the floor surface is assessed by measuring the depth of wear created by three hardened wheels rotating over a circular (template marked) area for a standard number of revolutions.

The depth of wear is used to assess the quality of the floor. Each test is accompanied by a report. Where the classification is lower than required, we can investigate and advise on the significance of the results, and on any remediation steps that should be taken.

Slip and Skid Resistance Testing

Slip accidents are not only far too common, they can also prove to be extremely costly. Employers, Facilities managers and landlords are all responsible for the safety of their floor surfaces. AT ECC Group we carry out slip and skid resistance testing to the latest UK standards to ensure your floors are not posing a safety risk.

We can test a full range of floor surfaces.


BRE Screed/Drop Testing

To assess if your screed is adequately compacted and determine the probable performance in use, the BRE screed tester can be used to perform ‘Drop tests’.

The screed is subjected to four repeat impact blows by dropping a weight vertically down a guide onto a hardened steel anvil in contact with the screed surface. The depth of the indentation from the resulting impact is measured.