Saving your project time and money while increasing on-site efficiency

Our geospatial construction services uses data from a wide range of sources including location, population, and environment. We can then apply this data to influence the design and construction of your building in order to save your project time, money and increase efficiencies.

Geospatial services tailored to meet your project needs

With substantial experience in this emerging area, our dedicated geospatial services teams will ensure that designs are applied correctly on your project. From ongoing maintenance to daily and routine checks on all the site services equipment, we can provide the geospatial services tailored to meet your project needs. On your behalf, we capture, collate, and verify all geospatial data, providing critical surveys and insight to ensure fully-informed decision-making.

Proven track-record in providing quality on-site services

By deploying only the best tools and technologies in tandem with our highly-trained and experienced specialists, you can depend on ECC to deliver a full range on on-site engineering services, including geospatial expertise.

Do you require Geospatial Services?

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