Delivering geospatial expertise across the project lifecycle

At ECC, we leverage the latest technologies and innovations to develop and deliver high quality geospatial data outputs for our clients. Our geospatial team captures, collates, verifies and manages geospatial data and information for our clients to deliver certainty and efficiencies across their project’s lifecycle.

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A Complete Range of Geospatial Services

3D Laser Scanning

Our in-house 3D Laser Scanning department work with our BIM management team to supply as built surveys to allow for clash detection and updates to building models. We then deliver this information to the relevant stakeholders across multiple teams, at the right time and in the appropriate format to facilitate off-site checking and sign-off.

Converting a real-world environments into 3D virtual visions


Building Monitoring

Our building monitoring service acts as a digital replica of a given building. It ensures building owners have the insight they need and can make informed decisions when they need to.

Continuously embrace the latest technologies to drive your project forward


Drone Surveying

Maximising the benefits of Drone technology for clients

Getting accurate geospatial data is key to the successful implementation of the BIM process. ECC leverage the benefits of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or Drones to capture high-resolution imagery and survey-grade data to identify potential risks, and manage project progress.


Hydrographic River Surveys

By combining rigorous assessment and insightful advice on sustainability issues, we can help you reduce risk on specific projects or right across your enterprise.  We provide our clients with uniquely tailored and comprehensive environmental management, management consulting and compliance services – advising ambitious companies of all sizes and sectors.

Minimise risk with specialist EHS energy and environmental strategies from ECC


Rail Surveying

As we move toward a green economy, rail travel will have a huge role to play in society becoming more carbon-neutral. Developing rail travel will also have many positive knock-on effects for the wider environment and our towns and cities.

Continuously embrace the latest technologies to drive your project forward


Site Engineering / Setting Out Engineers

At ECC, our people are the most important element of our offering. We hire the best site engineers and graduates to ensure the best field surveying practices are maintained and our worklfows are consistently deployed. We provide fully-trained engineers to manage detailed field and office surveying work using the latest survey methods and technologies.

Assembling multi-disciplinary teams for our clients


Topographical Surveys / Land Surveying

At ECC, we apply a multi-disciplinary approach to delivering high-quality, reliable topographical surveys for our clients. Our team of highly qualified engineers leverage the latest technologies to streamline the process of our topographical surveying from field to office to delivery to our clients.

Highly-accurate topographical maps and land surveys


Underground Surveying

ECC recognise the importance of accurate underground surveying to help minimise risk and potential costs on a project. We provide a range of underground mapping services which help to identify and verify the location and position of subsurface features, allowing our clients to plan, design and construct with confidence.

Minimise risk and costs with accurate underground surveying