Hydrographic River Surveys

Accurate Hydrographic River Surveys to enhance decision making

At ECC, our hydrographic survey will create a true-to-scale representation of a given river, lake, or body of water. Natural features like bank levels and bed levels will be clearly represented on our survey drawing as will structures like weirs and bridges. Through the use of high-quality sonar, our survey vessels can give you an accurate representation of the deepest or widest rivers, lakes, and bodies of water with accuracy and safety.

Experienced professional delivering first-class results

By combining our full range of bespoke tools and technologies with proven expertise, we can deliver a full range of hydrographic river survey solutions. At ECC, we understand that efficient decision-making depends on clear insights and information. Our surveys can help build models through Revit, BIM, and supporting technologies to deliver the insight you need. Working with our teams of experienced professionals, planners, and engineers, you are assured of a first-class service.

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