On-site Energy Testing & Advisory Services

Solid track record in on-site energy testing and advisory services

Successful projects demand high standards when it comes to energy management. Buildings are now rigorously analysed and tested to ensure they will perform to the standards required. Our teams of experienced professionals have a solid track record in completing extensive testing programmes across a range of areas on sites of all sizes. For both residential and commercial sectors, we carry out a complete range of testing services and can augment this with sound advice, expertise, and insights.

Full suite of energy-efficient testing and advisory

Air Tightness Testing

We can help you achieve the highest standards in energy efficiency and this often starts with air-tightness testing. From ensuring high quality air indoors to making sure heated air does not escape, modern buildings must now become as airtight as possible. Our teams will conduct comprehensive testing to identify existing air-tightness levels and will provide full reporting and certification on completion.

Comprehensive testing will drive efficiency levels


Building Energy Rating (BER)

Energy ratings in the form of BER have become an integral part of the construction world in recent years with BER ratings now playing a key role in the property market. BER certificates are an essential requirement for every building and our BER assessors have many years experience in assessing, and certifying buildings. You can depend on our team at ECC to provide you with an exceptional BER service.

Complete knowledge of the BER system delivers absolute peace-of-mind


Building Regulations & Compliance Reports (Part L)

Ensuring compliance with building regulations is a core element of modern construction projects. Part L of those regulations relates to energy performance and how a proportion of the energy consumption of new buildings must be derived from renewable technologies. From solar panels and heat pumps in domestic homes to wind turbines and solar PV on larger projects, we can deliver proven insight and expertise on all aspects of part L.

Delivering exceptional renewable energy expertise in order to meet compliance targets


Energy Audits

Understanding how much energy is used and how efficient a given building can potentially be is very important for all stakeholders. For your project, we can complete energy audits across a range of areas. For the building fabric itself, we can audit the external walls and roof and assess energy performance. We can also fully audit your HVAC system, and ensure it is running to optimum efficiency. Lighting is another area where resources can be easily wasted and we can investigate and conduct a complete audit, providing full reports as required.

Crystal-clear energy insights ensure comprehensive auditing


NZeb Reports

NZEB, which means Nearly Zero Energy Building, is a building with a very low, often almost-zero energy consumption. In other words, the total amount of energy used by the building is almost the same as the amount of renewable energy created on-site or from sources nearby. Our team of experienced energy specialists have a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to meet NZEB targets. From design and energy modelling to thermal modelling, we’ll work with you through the entire process, delivering best-in-class NZEB expertise.

Multi-disciplinary teams delivering NZEB expertise and insights


Sound Testing

As required with Building Regulations Part E, we can complete sound insulation tests for your building or premises. Our qualified engineers are specialists in Acoustic Consultancy with Professional Construction Technology Qualifications. This experience ensures we can provide a first-class testing programme and will provide full certification and reporting as required. We can also offer advice on improving sound insulation and acoustic quality.

Ensuring best-in-class acoustic testing and consultancy


Thermal Imaging

Energy efficiency is a key concern for the construction world and new technologies like thermal imaging are continuously evolving to help raise efficiency standards. Our experienced engineers use infrared cameras to conduct a comprehensive survey of your building in order to identify where the building may be losing heat or for other concerns including electrical system failure, to check for potential equipment failure and to check for water leaks. Once our survey is complete we will deliver a detailed report, specifying where heat loss is occurring, reporting on what the reasons are for heat loss, and offering recommendations as required.

Deploying infra-red technology to optimise energy performance


Thermal Modelling

Identifying heat loss in a systematic and comprehensive manner will precisely show thermal bridges or areas where heat is being lost easily, and how they can be resolved. At ECC, we have professional engineers with thermal modelling expertise who will complete thermal bridge analysis to the highest standards using purpose-built finite-element-analysis software.

Thermal modelling expertise to systematically minimise heat loss


Ventilation Design - Testing & Certification

Buildings are now better ventilated than ever before with airtight buildings also leading to new levels of efficiency. And because of this, professional ventilation systems are essential for both residential and commercial sectors. Our team of engineers have many years expertise in ventilation system testing and certification.

Expertise in ventilation systems will ensure compliance and efficiency for your project