Onsite Environmental Testing

Reduce risk and add value with onsite environmental testing solutions from ECC

Ensuring optimum performance in a building or asset is a key concern for owners and managers today. We can provide a full suite of services that will test buildings, working environments, and residential units across a variety of ways. We can offer teams of highly qualified professionals in all aspects of environmental monitoring and testing. And with this combination of people, resources, and expertise, we can deliver a customised onsite solution that is designed to meet your needs.

Does Online Environment Testing Fall Into Your Project Needs?

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A Complete Range of Management and Consulting Services

Acoustic Testing

In a world of enhanced connectivity, both onsite and remote, communications have never been more important. Today’s organisations know that they need to manage sound and acoustics in buildings to deliver an enhanced working environment. At ECC, we provide a comprehensive acoustic testing service. No two buildings are the same and we can deploy different technologies, approaches, and methodologies to ensure we get a complete understanding of how acoustics operate in a given room.

Highly-trained experts

For your building or venue, we can provide commissioning testing which is the analysis of ambient noise levels, reverberation time, and related aspects like speech transmission index, noise emissions and more. Our acoustics experts are trained in accordance with building regulations and have a comprehensive knowledge of compliance and regulatory standards in this area.

Air Quality Consulting and Engineering

Better air quality means healthier buildings, workplaces, and communities, leading to more enhanced comfort, wellbeing, and productivity. No matter what stage of development your project is at, ECC can offer you a range of comprehensive air quality services.

Teams of experienced scientists and engineers

From emissions inventories and health risk assessments to atmospheric emissions, licence applications, and environmental impact assessments, we can provide a suite of services tailor-made to meet your needs. Our teams of experienced scientists and engineers have an extensive knowledge of all regulatory requirements and best-practice standards – and can offer you an informed insight on all aspects of air quality.

Building Monitoring

Our building monitoring service acts as a digital replica of a given building. It ensures building owners have the insight they need and can make informed decisions when they need to.

Optimise building performance

Our service helps improve the safety of our clients’ built environment and reduces the likelihood of costly incidents or failures. Structural monitoring ensures buildings are performing as they should and building owners are getting the value they expect from their investment. For construction companies, we can provide a comprehensive range of monitoring services, ensuring that the impacts of heavy mechanical operations like excavation, piling, and steel erection are minimised where possible.

Vibration Testing

Vibration can occur in many forms and when it becomes a danger to staff or a risk to structural integrity, it needs to be resolved. Whether ground-borne or workplace vibration, ECC have the skilled professionals at hand to test and diagnose causes and ultimately discuss solutions.

Full knowledge of compliance and regulatory standards

Construction activities like blasting, piling, demolition and more can cause structural damage and be a nuisance for those who live and work nearby. For your construction site, we can carry out baseline vibration surveys and vibration monitoring and assessment during site activities according to the relevant standards or legislation.

Workplace vibration can happen with staff using handheld tools like chainsaws, grinders, and drills which is known as Hand-arm-vibration or HAV. Or it can result in whole-body-vibration or WBV. Excessive vibration can be damaging to these staff and we can carry out occupational surveys and risk assessments for HAV and WBV exposure in your workplace.

Water Testing

Water is one of our most treasured natural resources and testing water quality has never been more important. At ECC, we take an innovative and sustainable approach to water quality with our first-class water testing solution.

Best-in-class tools and methodologies

Our teams of engineers and scientists work closely with you to develop a multipurpose plan using only best-in-class tools and methodologies. An in -house laboratory service ensures that testing is carried our quickly and effectively. Whether you need our expertise to test water for a new housing development, community resource, or industrial requirement, we can deliver an excellent water quality modelling and monitoring service.