Site Suitability Testing (EPA2021)

AT ECC, we can offer your organisation a comprehensive range of site suitability services. Working closely with you, we can take your initial concept and develop it in to a feasibility study, and if required, give you the expertise needed to manage and deliver that project on your behalf.
Our teams of experienced engineers and environmental specialists can offer you proven insight and advice at every stage of the site suitability process.

With you at every stage of the process

  • At early-stage planning, we offer a range of feasibility study options and budget cost plans. You can also benefit from environmental impact assessment reports, due diligence work and we can help you prepare and submit any planning applications you need.
  • Before construction, we can work with you to manage project teams and fulfil your PSDP requirements. Working with our team at this stage, we can also help you with cost planning, commercial risk assessments, and develop your project programme as required.
  • During construction phase, we can deliver a range of specialist services onsite and off. From leading your project strategy to co-ordinating onsite work and contractors, we aim to help your project run as efficiently as possible. We can also ensure the project is working within any cost or project control parameters as set out initially.
  • After construction, your project is now ready for handover and we will complete the transfer of key documentation like project salary files and operations manuals. Our team can also look after the commercial aspect for you and complete the final accounts for all works and contractors.
  • Operations – now that your project has been completed, we have the expertise and resources to provide a full managed services option that can meet your operational needs.

Do you require site suitability testing services?

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