Sound Testing

Sound insulation testing for residential and commercial projects

For your project to comply with Building Regulations Part E, you will need airborne sound insulation tests completed on your building. At ECC, we have many years’ experience in this very important area and can ensure your building is thoroughly tested in order to meet the required regulatory standard.

Comprehensive sound insulation testing designed to achieve compliance

Airborne sound is the sound that travels through the air and can include talking, TV or radio, barking dogs, and much more. How buildings are designed or finished can have a major impact of sound levels. Sound can move through even the smallest gaps including gaps around the edge of doors. We have a solid understanding of all these factors that determine and affect sound insulation.

Specialists with a proven track record

As specialists in acoustic consultancy with professional construction technology qualifications, our teams can complete fast, efficient, and accurate sound testing. In addition, we will provide all certification and reporting as you require. If you need to improve sound attenuation levels, we can also offer insights, advice and recommendations.

Do you require Sound Testing services?

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