Thermal Imaging

Providing a comprehensive picture of heat loss in your building

Understanding why your building is losing heat is key to ensuring the property can meet its energy efficiency potential. At ECC, we use thermal-imaging technology like infrared cameras to rigorously identify issues like cold spots, damp, insulation faults and thermal leaks. Our thermal imaging technology can also be used to determine electrical system failure, and check for potential equipment failure, water leaks, and more.

Clearly identifying the root causes of heat loss

Over the years, our energy efficiency specialists have built up many years of experience in conducting thermal imaging surveys. By knowing the root causes of heat loss like poor construction detailing, thermal bridging, air leakage, poor build quality, and more, you can quickly resolve these key issues with confidence and conviction.

Offering tried and tested solutions and advice to optimise energy efficiency

For projects of all sizes and scales, we can provide a fully customised thermal imaging solution including best-in-class testing alongside comprehensive reporting. Whether your property is losing heat due to underperforming insulation, excessive draughts, poor quality windows or other issues, we’ll identify the causes and offer tried-and-tested solutions to minimise the impact of heat loss.