Thermal Modelling

Achieve cost-effective, low-energy buildings

Professional thermal modelling can help you achieve a more cost-effective and low-energy building performance. A junction is where two different components meet in a building structure, and these areas can be prone to heat loss in what are called thermal bridges. Our teams are certified to carry out comprehensive thermal bridge analysis, in compliance with building regulations through to the use of our element analysis software.

Deploying best-in-class technology to drive building energy performance

Energy efficiency standards have never been higher in onsite construction with the use of enhanced insulation, triple glazed windows, and more. By focusing on additional factors like thermal bridging, small but very valuable gains will be made and these can all add up to a significantly better energy performance.

Comprehensive thermal modelling assessment and reporting is essential

At ECC, we have substantial experience in energy efficiency assessment and accreditations. With rising energy prices and the ecological footprint required to heat buildings, minimising the impact of thermal bridging is crucial. And when growing compliance targets are taken into account, it’s clear to see why comprehensive thermal modelling assessment and reporting is more important than ever.