Ventilation Design - Testing & Certification

Best-in-class ventilation system expertise

Energy management is now an integral element of modern construction projects. Ensuring buildings stay airtight now plays a key part in a building’s energy efficiency and ventilation plays a major role in this. At ECC, we have the insight, expertise and track record to design, test and implement best-in-class ventilation systems.

Offering specialist advice on high-performing systems

For your project, you need an experienced ventilation design partner who understands the requirement to design all solutions to be compliant with current building regulations for both domestic homes and commercial buildings. We understand all types and sources of ventilation systems and can provide specialist advice when it comes to the design and build of these high-performing systems.

Proven track record in delivering high quality ventilation solutions

Certification is now a big part of ventilation systems and our engineering teams have a proven track record in completing full certification and testing for all major ventilation systems. Over many years, we have built up a reputation for delivering high quality ventilation systems for projects in all sizes and sectors.