Waste Management and Landfill

Comprehensive waste management and landfill reporting services

Whether you operate in the private or public sector, we understand that your approach to waste management and landfill must deliver maximum efficiency and sustainability. All organisations are faced with a range of decisions in this sensitive area. From processing generated waste to assessing the potential for recycling through to the role of landfills and renewable energy, we can work with you to help you to make these tough decisions and get them right.

Experienced waste management professionals

Environmental efficiency has never been more important. At ECC, our team of experienced professionals can work with you to deliver a framework you can apply when it comes to waste management policy-preparation and strategy.  On your behalf, we can carry out a range of reporting services including feasibility studies that investigate the application of new waste techniques or the setting up of EFW (energy-from-waste) facilities.

Compliance and regulatory standards play a key role in this developing area and organisations must ensure all approaches they take are in line with legislation at national and international level. We have a comprehensive understanding of all compliance requirements and will also advocate the best use of technologies, methodologies, and solutions to meet the waste management and landfill challenges your organisation faces.

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