Our team of surveyors are proficient in using the most up date-art surveying technology to provide ECC clients with the accurate and comprehensive information which they require.
Topographic Surveying

Every site is different and each client has specific requirements and needs to be addressed. At ECC, we pride ourselves on our ability to consult with our clients and ensure that the information is nothing but accurate in all instances.

3D Laser Scanning

3D Scanning enables our ECC team to produce a 3D digital image of various objects which produce 3D digital models for the two main sectors, Architects and Construction.


Drone Surveying UAV

Drone Surveying enables relatively quick and accurate surveying of inaccessible areas, compared to other traditional techniques. The data collected can be processed immediately by ECCs in-house team providing professional reports including detailed photography, and volume content.

Setting Out

ECC are employed by contractors and developers to mark out buildings, structures and services based on architect and engineer’s drawings. At ECC our team of qualified and experienced staff use their knowledge to ensure precise setting out with speedy and highly accurate construction from various sized projects ranging from small housing developments to large industrial projects.

Site Engineering

A dedicated Site Engineer / Site Engineering Team is allocated to your project and ensures that designs are applied correctly. Our ECC team work closely with the client, sub-contractor, architects and engineers to supervise all technical aspects of the project with regular status reports provided.


Underground Utility Surveying

Using a combination of land surveying and geophysical techniques, we at ECC provide underground utility surveying and mapping
of all subsurface utilities where we employ a wide range of cutting edge technology such as Radio-detection and Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) together with a range of in-house processes and procedures.


Hydrographical Surveying

We at ECC can survey even the widest and deepest waterways with complete accuracy and total safety, using high precision sonar, linked to survey grade GNSS technology, carried out using GPS and total station equipment.


Legal Mapping

Among the range of legal survey services provided by ECC Group are:

  • Area Determination
  • Property Subdivision
  • Land Registration
  • Boundary Dispute Resolution

Our ECC professional and fully qualified directors and senior staff have previous experience and are capable of acting as expert witnesses, in order to provide a professional legal mapping service.