10 November 2022

Trimble Dimensions+ User Conference

The Trimble Dimesions+ User Conference is at the forefront of innovation and breaking boundaries in emerging technologies.

With 5,750 attendees from 75 countries ECC is pleased to announce our attendance at one of the largest events of 2022: Trimble Dimensions+ User Conference. Hosted in Las Vegas, the three day action-packed event sees the Trimble community gathering to unlock endless possibilities and imagine a better future. networking, demonstration and discovery – fuelling tomorrow’s innovation.

Trimble’s latest approach to the future of work connects the digital and physical worlds. Creating an environment that makes even the most complex jobs easier for you, for your work, and for the planet.

“Innovation brings accuracy, reliability and efficiency to complex operations and networks.” Trimble

ECC will be represented by our CEO John McGoey, interested in attending thought-provoking presentations and experiencing the latest Trimble technology products.

John McGoey “The Trimble Dimension event was an experience to remember”

“I’m reflecting on what was an awesome week, organized and delivered by a fantastic team, for great partners and amazing customers thanks so much to Trimble Dimensions.”

If you weren’t able to catch all of the presentations visit the session catalogue here, www.trimble.com/en/our-company/events/dimensions/sessions/session-catalog